Ardrishaig - the village

Ardrishaig is situated on the south side of Loch Gilp at the entrance of the Crinan Canal. The Ardrishaig Community Council is an elected body charged with ascertaining the views of the Community and representing these views to Argyll & Bute Council and other public bodies so as to maintain and improve the village environment. The Council normally meets on the first Tuesday of the month in the Public Hall, Ardrishaig, at 7:30 p.m. Meetings are open to all members of the Community; come to our meetings with your issues and talk directly with your Community Councillors.

The Ardrishaig North Hall

An idea for its future. The east end of the North Hall building exended with open views to Loch Gilp. More here. Alternatively, perhaps the building should be demolished? Tell us what you think.

Mid Argyll Initiative (MAi)

The Initiative is progressing. The Stakeholders, representing the local community councils and special interest groups including the community pool and youth development services, have met frequently during the year. Workshops have been held to allow residents to express their views on the future of Mid Argyll. Local Energy Scotland(LES) has awarded funds to the Initiative to allow the legal and technical details of investing in renewable energy projects to be explored. The MAi working group is making progress in appointing experts. Read more about the Initiative here.


Argyll and Bute Council Budget Cut Proposals

The Community Council discussed the Council's cuts to the budget as proposed in the public consultation "Planning Our Future". In summary, the Community Council agreed that it "will not submit a completed consultation document as it stands, because it does not include the information necessary for us to do so. We therefore request a greater depth of consultation that included information about the total budget, a clear statement of the strategic piorities identified by A&BC, and a clear picture overall of what services and projects will survive the reduced budget, with a rationale for how these will support the identified priorities 'to attract people and businesses to the area to create prosperity'." The reponse to the Council can be found here.

Meeting schedule 2016

2nd February, 1st March, 5th April and AGM, 7th June, 6th September, 1st November, 6th December.

Wind Farms coming to Ardrishaig

Wind Farms are proposed at Inverneill by E.ON and at Cruach Brenfield by EDF.

The planning application for Cruach Brenfield EDF Wind Farm has been submitted to the Scottish Government Energy Consents and Deployment Unit(ECDU). Comments on this wind farm had to be submitted to the ECDU by 23rd June, 2014. Documents related to the planning application can be downloaded from the EDF website, click on Project Documents; Alternatively, the Community Council can provide members of the community a copy on CD.

Community Council comments are here. EDF has submitted a Supplimentary Environment Report June 2015 to the Scottish Government(ECDU). The report covers noise, ecology, landscape and visual impact. The latter takes account of the cumulative impact of E.ON wind farm by Inverneill. The Community Council holds a copy of the report. EDF has also restated its application to the ECDU for approval to build the wind farm as published in the national and local press(Advertiser 3rd July). Representations should have been made in writing the the Scottish Government ECDU by 31st July 2015. The application will be subject to a Public Enquiry which is expected around May/June 2016.

The planning application for the E.ON windfarm at Allt Rubha (Inverneill) was submitted to Argyll & Bute Council for determination, during November 2015.