The Ardrishaig Regeneration Program

The village regeneration program commenced when Argyll & Bute Council, declared in the current local plan, that the area bounded by the water front, entrance to the Crinan Canal, east bank road and the north park (by the Grey Gull), was an Area for Action (AfA).

During 2008, the Community Council sponsored a study into options for regeneration. Argyll&Bute Council, British Waterways(Scotland) & Highland &Island Enterprise each contributed to the fund of the study. The study was conducted by planners and development economists Roger Tym and Partners. The community was consulted during two workshops held 14th June and 18th September respectively. The first workshop was attended by over 100 people. A report was produced called Ardrishaig Regeneration Masterplan dated July 2008. Argyll & Bute Council adopted the report as supplementary planning guidance on 16th October 2008. The report can be found here.

The Masterplan identified various stakeholders who would be partners in the regeneration. These included the Community Council, the Council, British Waterways, Ardrishaig Boat Club, HIE, Ardrishaig Public Hall, Social Landlords and the Community Trust. In accordance with the Masterplan, the Ardrishaig Community Trust was established, a Company Limited by Guarantee with charitable status. (The company is structured such that members of the company, around 130 at present(February 2012), are drawn from the Ardrishaig community council area and 9 Directors are elected by these members). A first meeting of the stakeholders was held November 2008 in the Council Offices. This first meeting was chaired by Director George Harper and it was agreed that the Council Council should chair all subsequent meetings.

During 2009, the Council Council sponsored a Placemaking event, funded by the Council, British Waterways, Leader, Lower Clyde Greenspace, Placemaking Scotland and secretarial in-kind support provided by the community council. This exercise involved some 70 members of the community in working out what would make Ardrishaig and interesting and vibrant place to live and work in. Some 70 individual needs were identified, ranging from tidying up the community notice boards to placing some planters to providing a multi-use community hub. The full report is here.

Next Steps in the Regeneration

The Ardrishaig Community Trust was set up to specifically take forward the regeneration of Ardrishaig, taking account of the needs identified in the above reports, to the maximum extent possible.

Membership of the Trust is open to residents in the Ardrishaig community, details of which can be found on the Trust website. The Trust will have open meeting from time to time - it is important that the members attend in order to be satisfied that the Directors of the Trust are working in accordance of the wishes of the Ardrishaig community.